Hollencrest Middle School

Athletics Fall Schedules

  • Girls Volleyball


Opponents’ Locations

San Jose: 2021 West Alwood
Edgewood: 1625 West Durness
Walnut Grove: 714 East Vine


HMS Athletic Director

Julie Kellogg
Phone: 626-931-1760 ext. 3045



We are happy to present a variety of sports programs to our Hollencrest Middle School students who choose to participate. As a member of the West Covina Intermediate League, we encourage our students to join in the teamwork, fitness, and friendly rivalry. Here is an overview of our sports offerings:


2017-2018 School Year

  • Quarter 1: Boys Football, Girls Volleyball
  • Quarter 2: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball
  • Quarter 3: Coed Soccer
  • Quarter 4: Boys Volleyball, Girls Softball


Good Sportsmanship


Our students learn good sportsmanship from adult role models in their lives, primarily their parents and coaches. Good sportsmanship is simply an active display of respect for ourselves and others. Our teams show good sportsmanship by:

  • Meeting and greeting opponents respectfully
  • Putting forth good effort
  • Congratulating others on their accomplishments
  • Learning the rules of the game
  • Accepting calls gracefully

Win some; lose some; what matters is that our Huskies enjoy the game and represent our school with dignity. GO HUSKIES!


West Covina Intermediate League