Hollencrest Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code at HMS?

We follow the district dress and grooming standards found in our handbook. Generally speaking, clothing worn to school should be appropriate and comfortable for school activities. While we encourage self-expression, clothing should not detract from the learning process. Clothing must not identify students as a part of any group that intimidates other students.


May my child have a cell phone at HMS?

We allow cell phones on campus; however, the following rules apply:

  1. The phone must be in the off position during classes; students may use their phones in class only as directed by the teacher. 
  2. Students may not use the phone to play games, send or receive messages, take pictures, record an activity, place or receive calls, etc.
  3. There are consequences in place for violations to the policy, specifically:
  • First Violation
    • Confiscated and turned into the office
    • Notation in the student’s discipline record
    • Returned only to parent
  • Second Violation
    • Confiscated and turned into the office
    • Notation in the student’s discipline record
    • Returned only to parent
    • Discipline assigned, as appropriate

*Note: If you need to contact your child, please call the front office.


May students leave school campus during the day?

HMS is a closed campus. Our students may not leave the campus without permission from the attendance/health office. Parents or authorized persons must sign out students. You must have a picture identification.


Where can we find lost items?

We recommend that you label all personal items, such as clothing, books, and sports equipment, with the student’s name. We ask that students not bring valuables to school, including electronics, with the exception of e-readers. If you lose something, please check with security staff who handles the lost and found. You may need to file a report with our school. Please check for lost items in a timely manner, as we donate unclaimed items to charity at the end of each year.


How can I pay for my child’s meals?

Our district Nutrition Services page has everything that you need to ensure that students are eating healthy foods each day. You can apply for free or reduced lunch, prepay meals, and peruse our menus. We also have included information on the importance of nutrition and fitness along with some educational activities.


Does my child need a student agenda?

Yes, we require students to have their agendas with them at all times during the school day. Student agendas are important tools to record assignments and communication between home and school. We provide each of our Huskies with an agenda at the beginning of the school year. Agenda replacements cost $5.00 each.