Hollencrest Middle School

Fine Arts

We are pleased to offer both art and music at HMS. We emphasize the positive impact that fine arts have on our students’ academic progress. We also appreciate that the arts provide our students with a much needed outlet for expression and creativity. 




HMS art classes provide our students with traditional art instruction as they explore art history, vocabulary, mediums, and drawing styles. We all really enjoy the finished projects which our students take such pride in. We also infuse current technology into our art instruction with projects such as stop-motion videos using the iPad. 




Our students love to create and listen to music. They, like all of us, benefit emotionally and physically from exposure to music. In fact, psychological studies show music as a remarkable link to increased academic performance and optimism. 

We hope that each of our students joins in the fun and excitement of music education by choosing one or more of these course offerings while at HMS:

  • Choir
  • Beginning Band
  • Advanced Band
  • Jazz Band